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Junior Team Tennis Programs

Guide to Club Tennis / JTT

Club Tennis is a great way to play competitive matches with your friends and make new ones! These programs are filled with fun, teamwork, and match play experience. If you have specific questions about any of the following programs, please contact Alexa at 

Please click on the photo of the program you're interested in for More Info & Registration! 


Summer & Fall Team Tennis

We offer programs in the summer and fall for 10U Orange, 12U Green, and 14U Yellow ball players. For these programs, 10U players will receive progression points so long as they attend at least 3 of the 4 matches. A USTA membership is not required. Each team needs at least 4 players on their roster and a minimum of 3 players at each match. 


Net Generation Team Challenges

One-day events aimed at Beginning/Intermediate Red, Orange, and Green ball players. They focus on learning and fun, with less emphasis on winning. 

Net Generation Team Tournaments

One-day events for Orange, Green, and Yellow ball players. This unique format allows in-match substitutions, which adds excitement and fun throughout the event! 

High School Club Tennis & Match Plays

For high school players who want to continue playing in the off-season! For Club Tennis, teams are single-gender and need a minimum of 4 players. For Match Plays, you can sign up with just a doubles partner! 

Advancing JTT

For higher level tournament players looking to represent the USTA Phoenix District at Sectionals and Nationals. Divisons are offered in Intermediate and Advanced. Teams are co-ed with a minimum of 3 girls and 3 boys, and a USTA membership is required. A Team Captain is required in order to travel with the team to Sectionals and Nationals. 

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