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USTA Flex competitions are designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. You make the schedule. You set the time. You play when it’s convenient for you.


  • Play in local USTA Programs

  • Compete when it fits your schedule

  • Meet local players & play friendly competitive matches

  • Get matched with players of a similar ability

  • Flexible play dates to fit your schedule

  • Available on iOS and Android, search for "USTA Flex"

     to download the new Flex League app

  • Search "Phoenix" to register for our singles leagues today!




Summer Flex League Registration is Open. Register today or by July 14th!

- Introducing *Mixed Doubles* to Phoenix Flex Leagues!

           - How it works: - 1 partner signs up your team 

                                      - Select your partner to play with all season

                                      - 1 person pays the entry fee 

                                      - You're in! Contact Gabriela Aguilar at if you have any                                                     questions about WTN rating, flights, or any other league related questions!


Search "Phoenix" in the USTA Flex app to register for the Summer Season.

For app-related questions:



For any other questions, contact Gabriela Aguilar Lawlor at

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