How Advancing USTA Phoenix League Schedules Work

Here in Phoenix, we run two sessions for all advancing leagues. Our championship year similarly follows the typical school year and consists of 2 sessions, 1st - fall and 2nd - winter/spring.  The fall session   (“early  start,”)  begins  in  the calendar year prior to the championship year. (i.e.: championship year 2023 begins the fall session in September of 2022.) The first (fall) session starts late August/early September and wraps up in Dec/Jan. The second (spring) session starts in Jan/early Feb and runs through April/May.  Scroll down to see team match formats for all leagues.

Our summer leagues for men’s women’s and mixed leagues are combined doubles format, non-advancing and recreation only.

We offer three WTT events per year.  A fall tournament, an early spring tournament, and an early summer tournament.  WTT offers the option for the winning teams to advance to a National Qualifier.  Click here for more.

Scroll down to see team match formats for all leagues.

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General Advancing Leagues Timing and Formats

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