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Become a League Team Captain

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     CAN YOU.....

  • Communicate via Email

  • Utilize Web Resources

  • Invite Friends (& friends of friends) to Play

  • Organize and Update Team Players

  • Read Entire email Notices

  • Attend Annual Virtual Captains Mtg.

  • Create Team Line-ups

  • Follow League Regulations

  • Make Friends, Have Fun?

Yes??  Then you can Captain a USTA Phoenix League Team!

Having a sparkly personality doesn't hurt either!!

Our Phoenix tennis community is welcoming and super fun! 

Scroll down for some highlights and requirements on being a team captain. 

Please visit our Captain Corner for all league resources (scroll to bottom) including:

Upcoming Registration Deadlines

Captains Guide & Best Practices

Tennis Link Functions

Team Management Tools & Instructions

Previous Captains' Meeting Recording

Day of Play Schedule

Blank Score Cards

Rules & Regulation Links

Resources for all things NTRP

Much More!

Email Kelly Ferris if you have any questions about becoming a team captain.

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Creating a new team will take some time and planning.  I'm here to help!

You'll want to start a couple of months in advance of the team deadline.

  • Players Needed - Recruit enough players to fill the courts for each team match.   All matches MUST be valid with the majority of the courts being played.   To see the format for each league and flight, click here (scroll to bottom.)  The number of players needed depends on how many individual matches make up each team match and how available and committed each team player is to playing each week.Failure to fill 2 out of 3, 3 out of 4, or 3 out of 5 individual matches in a full team match each week may result in penalties and/or grievance. 

  • Home Matches Location - Team Captain must get permission from a facility manager to host home matches prior to submitting team ID request.  Specific dates of matches will then be communicated to all facility managers after schedule completion.  All league host facilities must have restrooms available, and courts reserved in advance.  A minimum of 90 minutes per individual court is required.  Facilities for nighttime leagues must have lights. 

  • Team Roster Deadline - At least SIX players must be on roster by the designated deadline (see Captains Corner.)

  • Fulfill Home Facility Requirements - Schedules are typically at least a week prior to first matches.  Once schedule is published (notification via email) each Team Captain fulfills the requirements of his/her home facility to reserve all courts for the session of play.

  • Team Drops - A team that drops from the schedule after the deadline loses all league fees paid by players. Further penalties may apply.  New captains can get extra help to avoid these issues.

  • Match Minimum/Maximum - All teams will have a minimum of 8 matches and a maximum of 12.

  • Total Team Default - Captain is responsible for having enough players to fill the majority of the courts for each team match.  If at least 3 courts are not played in a 4 or 5 court league, it is a total team default and the captain/team is subject to penalties. A player MUST be registered prior to playing in first league match.

  • Plan and Be Courteous - Home captain should reach out to opposing captain prior to each team match and confirm time and location of match.  Is water available at the facility?  Is there a guard gate?  

  • Responsibilities - Home captains provide balls for matches and cover any court costs.  Winning captain enters scores.

  • Read and understand our USTA Phoenix Regulations (a quick read!)

  • Possible Playoffs - Captains make a note of the playoff schedule for your league.  Not all leagues have a playoff.  Playoffs are explained in section 6.00 and 7.00 of our USTA Phoenix league regulations.

  • Have Fun!!  Practice! - Decide your team colors.  Pick out a uniform.  Set up a team clinic with a local tennis pro.  Watch tennis on TV for the visual learners. Meet up together for after match celebration! 

  • Other Tennis Opportunities - Check out our Flex Leagues and Impact Team Tennis Tournaments, 55 & Over Mixed Doubles Tournament, Tri Level Men's Women's and Mixed, and more!

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