Let's Tennis!

Tennis is the sport that’s entirely built around the simple concept of smashing things. 

And smashing things feels really, really good. We even created a special device exclusively made for smashing things: it’s called a racquet

You can swing your racquet with one hand. Both hands. Under your legs. Tennis is a sport that is working hard to level the playing field. Tennis is an an individual sport. A team sport. A wall sport. It’s also a glute-growing sport, if you’re interested in that kind of thing. It’s good for your mental health and for your health-health.

And the best part? It’s always open to everyone. All ages. All grunts. All zip codes. All across America. On all sides of the net. Singles. Doubles. Newbies. Pros. Forehands. Backhands. Everyone. Every background. Every story. Every hairstyle. Even the mullet. From hardcore athletes to lazy athletes alike. (Don’t tell anyone, but there’s a tiny tennis court hidden inside every regular tennis court.) If you can smash things, you can tennis.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s tennis!

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