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   Never held a racquet?   

   Played in high school but haven't in years?   

   Hit around some at a park once?   

Does tennis just look like fun?

Guess what?  IT IS!!


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Step 1: Tennislink Account

Ever played USTA before anywhere in the USA? Just access your original tennislink account. Log into tennislink.  Not sure if you have an account? Click here.  Update your personal information by clicking on "manage account." Are you having trouble accessing your original account?  Contact customer care 800-990-8782, or email at   Click here for membership information.

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Step 2: NTRP rating

Now that you've accessed your tennislink account, you need to get your NTRP rating assigned.  All players start off with a self rating.  To have yours assigned, click on the blue "self rate" button in tennislink.  Use a laptop or PC, not a smart phone or tablet. Answer the questions and at the end you will have your NTRP self rating.  Click here to view the NTRP videos to get an idea of your NTRP level.

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Step 3: Start Playing!

Now that you have logged into your account and have your NTRP rating assigned,  You are ready to start playing!  To find join league teams, complete and submit our "Looking for a Team" form. We will then share your information with the applicable captains.  No need to purchase a membership until you find teams to join! Flex leagues are also an option. When available more info can be found here.

Have any questions about anything here?  Email Kelly Ferris